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Big Energy Saving Week | How to Create a More Sustainable Home

A campaign to spread the word and reduce your fuel bills, it’s Big Energy Saving Week! If you’d like to create a more sustainable home, please get involved! Read on for my handy room tips…


Buy energy-efficient appliances

Appliances are notorious for being energy guzzlers, especially if they’re not used right. Thankfully the market now offers a better selection like induction hobs which are the least energy-hungry of all.

According to research undertaken by Ethical Consumer, Miele and Smeg score highly for their cookers too. They also recommend avoiding self-cleaning ovens which are energy-intensive - this bit we have to do ourselves.

Choose environmentally-friendly products

We’re spoilt for choice for green household products, but some are far better than others. Ditch anything containing harmful dyes for those which are sustainably made, your family and wildlife will thank you.

Explore the Green Homes Grant scheme

It’s no good trying to reduce your consumption in other parts of your home if your boiler is over 12 years old. Heating systems have come a long way, and there’s now modern options that are planet-friendly too. Under the Green Homes Grant Scheme, you can apply for vouchers to go towards upgrading the energy efficiency of your home. Anyone can apply, and it covers all measures from heating to double or triple glazing.

Living Room

Schedule your lighting with home automation

Lighting is an integral part of the home, and smart automation can deliver many benefits. Not only can it achieve a designer result, but it can also reduce your usage, zoning your lighting around your home and needs.

Embrace simple changes

When it comes to the lounge, it pays to be smart by making some minor tweaks. For instance, turning your thermostat down by just one degree could significantly reduce energy bills. Other things to consider include thermal wallpaper and also fitting thermally lined curtains too. Not only will a gorgeous design complement your space, but curtains will also keep you snug and improve your home’s efficiency.

Opt for sustainable flooring like cork

An environmentally-friendly choice, with a low carbon footprint, cork makes for attractive and very versatile flooring. Harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, this material is also biodegradable and will break down at the end of its life.

Home Office

Let the sunlight in

Not only does natural light help you to focus, but it’ll also remove the need for an office lamp. So throw open those shades and embrace the outdoors, it’s so much better than artificial lighting.

Switch off when you’re done

If your office requires more light, there’s no harm in this but be savvy with energy-saving bulbs. Also, remember to switch off when you’re done, including gadgets or change to standby when they’re not in use.


Cut your showering time

Whether you’re a homeowner, student, social or private renter, we each take responsibility for the water we use. According to The Energy Saving Trust, if we showered for just one minute less, we can reduce our bills by £8 per person per year.

Decorate with sustainable tiles

Being environmentally-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on style, especially where tiles are concerned. These days there are many chic options such as recycled glass to upgrade your bathroom in a more sustainable way.

Thank you for reading my post on the achievable ways we can start saving our planet together. If we each follow just a few of these practical steps, we can make a big difference, in the words of Gandhi, ‘’be the change you want to see’’.

Thanks so much for reading!

-Jess x

-Photography by @storiesbychloe

-Co-written with @hannahkingwritescopy


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