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Decorating With Navy Blue | 5 Ways to Work This Stunning Shade

Valued for its classic appeal, as a nation, we love decorating with navy blue. So if you’re looking to create a welcoming space with this versatile shade, this week I will be showing you how.

Working either with calm neutrals or as a bold backdrop, navy continues to dominate in 2020. Read on for my five ways to decorate with this hue for a home that oozes style and effortless glamour.

The colour psychology of navy blue

Navy blue is the hue that keeps on giving when it comes to feel-good home vibes. It’s also an adaptable shade that works with most trends whether your taste is traditional or modern. In fact, did you know that colour can impact our mood and is definitely worth some thought when re-decorating? Navy blue, in particular, is soothing & restful, and super cosy in other parts of the home.

1. Paint walls navy for the best sleep ever

Bedroom walls are the perfect canvas to enjoy a comforting navy blue shade. Not only will it look gorgeous, but it will also aid sleep, leaving you feeling great the next day. According to a Travelodge study, guests with a blue room slept for approximately 7 hours and 52 minutes. Who wouldn’t want to wake up happy after a great sleep? Decorate with navy blue and you will too!

2. Get layering with plush fabrics

As well as the bedroom, navy blue paint will work for a living room too but if this bold choice scares you, stick to fabrics instead and layer for a luxurious feel. Velvet is a deluxe texture that looks fab in a lounge, especially in rich jewel tones. Why not add some indulgence to windows with inky blue curtains for a finishing touch that also helps to dull noise?

3. Play around with pattern and prints

If you’re looking for impact, go for bold pattern like with a navy wallpaper or rug. I love the idea of a blue palm print as it’s something different and will provide an ‘enchanting moonlight in the Amazon’ feel.

4. Add some grown-up glamour

A little throwback style never hurt anyone, especially if you’re a lover of bling. So make the most of decadent tones with lashings of gold, burnished copper and brushed brass touches. Because metallics reflect the light and add life to a room, they make colours like navy pop even more. Think thirties grace with a seventies edge for a room that channels a modern yet opulent feel.

5. Decorating with navy blue and neutral shades

Who wants their home to feel oh-so serene? The trick is to have a laid back approach. Pay homage to Mediterranean islands with navy and white, working in ceramics and rattan for a refreshing style. If you crave a more earthier look, team navy with pink to give depth to the overall scheme. Whichever neutral colour you pick, it will help to balance blue tones so make sure these accents are included in furnishings and artwork.

Considering using navy at home? I would love to help out - stay tuned for my new Pinterest board and go-to products! Creating a snug and inviting feel, deep hues can work wonders - which room will you start with first?

Thanks so much for reading! -Jess

-Co-written with @hannahkingwritescopy

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