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The Best Of Décor Friendly Dog Accessories

Dogs inevitably change our homes and the way that we live, but I think we can all agree that they’re totally worth it. It’s also a market saturated with toys and accessories for dogs, but like everything else, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. Our furry friends deserve only the best, and so I’ve written this post to review some tried and tested products by my girl, Oti.

Read on for our roundup of some cool dog products, all décor-friendly, practical and definitely fit for purpose!

Squeaky Bone Dog Toy
Olive the Octopus
Bio-Degradable Cotton Rope Lion


Printed Dog Toys Basket - Stylish and sturdy this bag does the job of keeping even the biggest collection of dog toys tidy.

Squeaky Bone Dog Toy - This adorable toy is shaped like a bone and so cute, it could even be mistaken for a sofa cushion.

Tarn Tug Recycled Climbing Rope Dog Toy - If your dog loves to play just as much as Oti, they’ll be busy for hours with this sustainable toy.

Bio-Degradable Cotton Rope Lion - Another eco choice, this adorable lion will add a pop of mustard wherever your pup goes.

Olive the Octopus - Crafted from sustainable jute, Oti loves Olive for her recycled plastic bottle ‘crunch’.

Mud Daddy®
Kinloch Grooming Bucket (Thistle Green)
Dog’s Life Laundry Bag


Wet Paws Pet Drying Mitt - This super-absorbent mitt is perfect for paws that love nothing more than a muddy puddle.

Dog’s Life Laundry Bag - Make the ‘dog wash’ easy with this handy pet bag, which also prevents fur from clogging your washing machine.

Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel - If you have a little fast one on your hands who hates being dried, this clever towel will quickly soak up any excess moisture.

Kinloch Grooming Bucket (Thistle Green) - Keep counters and utilities tidy with this chic grooming bucket; Oti and I agree it’s a stylish place to store all of your essentials neatly.

Kinloch Grooming Bucket (Lily White) - Available in either Thistle Green or Lily White, it’s not just for pets, use for the laundry or your gardening tools!

Mud Daddy® - Who doesn’t need a 5-litre washing device to rinse mucky paws? The Mud Daddy® even cleans boots and bikes!

Kinloch Pet Bin, Small
Marbel Effect Pet Bowl Set
Personalised Cotton Treat Bag


Elevated Ripple Dog Bowl - White - This handsome dog bowl is perfect for breeds who are tall or suffer joint pain.

Marbel Effect Pet Bowl Set - I guess we love marble so much, they made food bowls for dogs - why not treat your four-legged friend to Wayfair’s elegant set?

Acacia Wood Medium Pet Bowl - This gorgeous pet feeding product is not only dishwasher safe but it has also been designed to coordinate with home decor.

Ruffle Snuffle - Oti adores her snuffle time matt which is perfect for treats - simply scatter and watch your pup enjoy sniffing them out.

Personalised Cotton Treat Bag - Both dogs and cats will love this cute pouch which features a nifty drawstring to secure pet treats.

Kinloch Pet Bin, Small - Available in either crisp Lily White or fresh Thistle Green, this bamboo tub will look the part in any style of kitchen.

Mutts & Hounds Luxury Dog Cushion Donut Bed
Official Calming Pet Bed (Special Tailored Dog Edition 2021)
Crate Cover in Regency Stripe
Mushroom & Mink Faux Fur Dog & Puppy Blanket


Official Calming Pet Bed (Special Tailored Dog Edition 2021) - What’s not to love about a snuggled up pup and this bed offers the cosy vibes needed for dreaming.

Mutts & Hounds Luxury Dog Cushion Donut Bed - Made from high-quality fabrics, this delightful bed range will soothe your pup to sleep whilst looking fab.

Crate Cover in Regency Stripe - A timeless combo of pattern and colour, this stylish crate cover will create a comfortable, den-like space.

Mushroom & Mink Faux Fur Dog & Puppy Blanket - Without a doubt, our top dog pick - this adorable throw gave Oti the best sleep of her life!

Thank you so much for reading our post, Oti and I are really grateful, and we hope you’ve found these reviews useful. Whatever your dogs breed, they’re certainly a man’s best friend, and we just love nothing more than spoiling them silly!

Thanks again,

-Jess x

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