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If you’re craving a happier, calmer home and you’re ready to make it happen without interior design adding more stress to your busy life - this is the place for you!


    Every month
    Interior Membership
    • Your monthly price of £32 is locked in
    • Full access to the portal as soon as you sign up
    • Expert advice, 1:1 support, trade discounts and more!


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  • You feel overwhelmed when you think about your interior projects and you don’t know where to start

  • You love Pinterest and Instagram for getting inspiration, but it all feels unattainable

  • You don’t know where to get things or which trades to contact, and don't have time to scroll endless websites

  • The design process feels very daunting and you’d love some support figuring out your style and planning your projects

  • You have started planning projects in your home before but rarely get them finished

  • You’re on a budget and never thought you could afford help from an Interior Designer​

  • Maybe you don’t have anyone to talk to about your interiors, or your partner doesn't get it

  • You feel a lot of pressure to get everything right and you don’t want to waste money on the wrong things

Sound familiar?

Image by Milad Fakurian

Your home should be your place to unwind, to destress. A place to feel safe, calm and prepared to tackle what’s on the outside of that front door each day.

Let's create that for you.

  • Join a group of like-minded people who want to hear about all your interior updates, whether you have exciting deliveries or frustrating project delays!

  • Access to a qualified Interior Designer for as little as £32 a month through monthly Q&A sessions, as well as Monday to Thursday within our private Facebook group to find solutions to your interior dilemmas

  • Get time back through easy to follow guides showing you how to set your budgets

  • Discover where to shop and hone your personal style

  • Use a simple 3-step method you can come back to time and time again to reduce overwhelm and help you get your home projects completed

  • Get personalised sourcing advice for those pieces you’re struggling to find

  • Reassurance that you’re making the right decisions, and gentle recommendations if there is something else you could consider

  • Specialist advice on topics such as lighting, paint colours and decluttering to help you with every aspect of your project



Happybeams & Co. isn’t just about the design process - choosing colour schemes, planning layouts and sourcing the perfect rug (although that will be in there as well!). 

You will learn the Happybeams Home Method, which brings together psychology, wellbeing and mindset tips to help you break through the overwhelm and get those home projects planned and completed. Get ready to sit back and enjoy the space you’ve created!

In the membership, you'll find:

  • Interior Dilemma Q&As with Jess every month

  • A library of workshops with Guest Experts (with 1x new workshop each month) - example topics: Lighting, Paint Colours, Flooring, Home Organisation and Ikea Hacks

  • Weekly Sourcing Sessions to find those items you're struggling to find

  • Printables & Downloads Library - such as a Notion template, room by room budget guides, and home lists

  • Exclusive Shoppable Styleboards 

  • Bonus Masterclasses such as From Pinterest to Reality, Creating a Moodboard and Planning a Kitchen

  • NEW Fortnightly Style My Space Sessions


Access to me, Jess Blake! I’m a qualified Interior Designer, Pinterest addict and self confessed samples hoarder. I’m available to you in our private Facebook group, Monday to Thursday 10am-5pm to help you on your interiors journey.

As a valued member you will be able to make use of my trade discounts and recommended trades contact list. And if you’re looking for 1:1 design support, you will receive discounted rates on my design packages too!

Join a community full of people just like you. You can vent about your project delay frustrations. Finally find people who care about which shade of white paint you choose! Or that you've ordered yet another tile sample to consider. Here you'll find new friends who will be excited about all your latest interior updates, every time!


    Every month
    Interior Membership
    • Your monthly price of £32 is locked in
    • Full access to the portal as soon as you sign up
    • Expert advice, 1:1 support, trade discounts and more!

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1. Will the price ever go up?

If you join at £32 a month, your membership will remain at that price for as long as you are in the group. The price of the membership may increase for new members in the future.


2. Where is the community based?

There is a private Facebook group for Happybeams & Co. members, where we can chat as often or as little as you like. Within the Facebook group, we will have weekly Sourcing Sessions, Style My Space posts and updates/tips. For all our workshops and masterclasses, these will be on Zoom and a recording will be added to your portal if you can’t make it live.


3. How much access to Jess will I get for design support?

I will be available within the Facebook group Monday to Thursday 10am-5pm UK time to help in any way I can. However, if you would like to work together on your project, while you’re in the membership you will receive a discounted rate on my design packages.


4. If I cancel my membership, can I come back?
Of course! I totally understand that this membership might be more suited to certain chapters of your life. The doors are always open, so you can come and go if you have particular projects you need support with. Please be aware that when you re-sign up, if the price has increased, you will no longer have your £32 monthly fee locked in.


5. How many members will be in Happybeams & Co.?

I am capping members to 50, so that Nicole & I can really get to know you and your home plans, and offer as much support as we can!


6. What if I decide the membership isn’t right for me once I’ve joined?

Don’t worry at all. I’m sure you’ll love it, but I do offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you choose to leave within that time.


7. When are the live sessions?

There will be a Q&A session at the start of each month, and a Guest Expert Workshop part way through the month. Bonus Sessions will be arranged at a time to suit as many members as possible.

8. What if I can’t make it to a live session?

That’s not a problem! The sessions will be recorded so you can watch them at whatever time is best for you.

9. When will my payments be taken?

You will pay your initial £32 when you sign up, which will be for the following month, and your next payment will be taken a month after (for the next month), and so on.


10. Do I get lifetime access to all the content?

You get access to the portal content and recordings whilst you are a paying member. If you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access.

Time for a recap...

​By joining Happybeams & Co., you will get:

  • Access to Jess and her interior design expertise

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with Jess

  • Guest expert sessions on all kinds of interior design topics

  • A community you can bounce your ideas around with

  • Free resource library

  • Use of Jess’s trade discounts! SAVE up to 30% off your home purchases

Image by Milad Fakurian

‘Happybeams’ are all about the connection between your home and your wellbeing, so I’m passionate about helping you create a space that supports you, from energising you for the day ahead to helping you wind down when it’s time for bed. 


If you'd like to find out more about Happybeams & Co. and discover it's it's right for you, my inbox is always open!

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