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20 Nice Looking Bins for your Bathroom, Bedroom and Home Office

Here's a blog post topic I didn't see myself writing!

But I asked on Instagram if you struggle to find nice looking bins, and it was a resounding YES! So here it is...

I've categorised them into bins for your bathroom, for your home office and your bedroom, but of course they are interchangeable so if you see something you like, all the links are down below.


Every bathroom needs one, but it doesn't need to be something you want to hide away.

I'd say for the most part a lid is a good-to-have, but perhaps for a cloakroom one of the open styles could work so I've included a mix.

Whether you have a soft, neutral colour scheme or something bolder, there'll be one for you!


If your home office is anything like mine, I get a fair bit of rubbish each week but one thing I've noticed is how much of that could be recycled so when I found this bin from Soho Home I just had to include it!

Genius idea to have two separate bins, ever so beautifully packaged in this leather casing, don't you think?

If that's not your thing, these other four cover a variety of colours and styles. Which do you like best?


Here you'll see there's a bit of a theme, which is why I mentioned above that they're all totally interchangeable - no reason you can't use one of the home office bins in your bedroom!

I would say that for the majority of people I speak to about interior design, the top adjective they use to describe how they want to feel in a bedroom is 'calm'. So I've found 6 bins that would go very nicely in a calm bedroom!

Question is, would you be interested in a blog post on kitchen bins? It might be short and sweet though, as I would always advise on fitting in an integrated bin if possible!

Let me know if you struggle finding nice bins for around your house too, and if this post has been helpful!

Thanks so much for reading, -Jess x

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