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5 tips for the perfect cosy cushion arrangement

If you’re looking to update a sofa or bedroom this year, the addition of cushions can definitely change a space for the better.

A fabulous way to refashion a room, the right cushion arrangement can also pull together a once busy or mismatched scheme. If you’re stuck for ideas, I have written this post that reveals five styling tips for getting it right. Simply follow these steps for the perfect finishing touch - keep reading for a masterclass in picking cushions.

#1 Plan ahead

Before you head to the shops to grab every cushion you see, it’s really important you’re clear on the overall look that you hope to achieve. Do you prefer a minimal vibe or a more quirky scheme? This is the very foundation of a cushion arrangement.

#2 Choose your base colour

Next, it’s time to consider the base layer of colour that will help your other cushions stand out - I’d recommend that these complement the shade of your sofa or bed. These cushions, however, are more than a simple dressing tool, they provide support and comfort, so it’s worth focusing on the filling inside of your cover. Large, comfy squares are best with plumped feather inserts or there are some good vegan alternatives if you're not a fan of down. It’s these cushions that will provide a stylish backdrop for more fancier hues and less conventional shapes like circles.

#3 Add another layer

Now that you’ve picked out your base layers, it’s time to have fun with the prettier extras that will bring the look together.

Cushions are literally available in every shape, colour and style, so you can get creative no matter if your theme is classically clean or dramatic and wild. These cushions don’t need to be costly, they are there to look cute whilst your base cushions do the legwork. Texture will also add depth, so look for appealing fabrics such as ikats, appliqués and weaves.

#4 Identify how many cushions will work

There is no hard-and-fast rule on the number of cushions you have, but the 2-1-2 arrangement is a very popular method.

This is essentially your base cushions in each corner, with one or two in the middle, and topped off with a few slightly smaller, different coloured cushions in front. Arranging your cushions like this will make it feel well-planned and also help you decide what sizes will work best. A good rule of thumb is a 50-55cm square base cushion at the back with a 45cm square for the next, and if you have room, a rectangular cushion design front and centre.

#5 The DIY cushion hack for planning your scheme

If you’re a visual person, this hack is for you - Powerpoint works as a cushion arrangement programme. Simply copy and paste images of the cushions you like, head to format and remove the background so you can easily layer them up. This is such a great tool to see different combinations together, decide what works and what does not. You can even use it to pull in your sofa or bed and room accessories like rugs so you can see how your chosen cushions will look against everything else.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

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Thanks so much for reading.

-Jess x


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