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5 Tips to Reorganise and Revitalise Your Home in the New Year

The twinkling lights have dimmed, resolutions are scribbled, and reality has gently nudged us back into the rhythm of everyday life. But as reality settles in, so does the familiar pang of disarray.

Lofty home project ambitions clash with overflowing drawers, and the once-sparkling haven feels more like a chaotic wonderland. Fear not, fellow home enthusiasts!

This year, let's ditch the overwhelm and reclaim our organised sanctuaries with these 5 simple tips:

1. Declutter with a Gentle Cuppa:

Who needs Marie Kondo's hurricane method when you can have a teacup-sized declutter?

Choose a corner, a drawer, or a bookshelf, brew a soothing cuppa, and ask yourself: "Does this spark joy? Do I actually use it? Can someone else benefit from it?" Donate, sell, or recycle those items that no longer serve you.

Trust me, the lightness will be infectious! And remember to celebrate those little triumphs – a decluttered spice rack is a victory song!

2. Prioritise Like a Pro:

Don't let a mountain of home projects overwhelm you. Instead, get every idea and task down onto your master list, and then be realistic. Prioritise based on impact and feasibility.

Maybe the leaky tap takes precedence over the dream kitchen renovation. Break down larger projects into manageable steps, and celebrate each milestone achieved.

Remember, progress over perfection is the key!

3. Unleash the Inner Magpie:

Look around your home with fresh eyes. That vintage suitcase gathering dust might become a quirky side table, those mismatched cushions could find new life in a guest room. The artwork you've stopped noticing in your living room, could be perfect in your bedroom.

Put down the online shopping cart and repurpose, rearrange, rediscover! Embracing the art of "shopping your home" is not only sustainable, it's a treasure hunt for hidden potential.

4. Find Inspiration Everywhere:

Let the world be your muse! Take a walk in nature and soak in the calming colour palettes and textures. Browse your favourite homeware stores and magazines, noting layouts and design elements that resonate with you. Even your holiday photos can offer inspiration!

Remember, every detail, from a seashell collected on a beach to a vibrant painting, can spark a creative spark for your home.

5. Cultivate Calm Habits for a Lasting Effect:

An organised home isn't just about tidy surfaces; it's about creating systems that work for you.

Establish simple, daily habits like putting things away after use, decluttering for 15 minutes each day, or scheduling regular cleaning sessions. These small steps, when woven into your routine, will keep chaos at bay and ensure your home remains a haven of calm and control.

And if in doubt, you can always hide in the bathroom with the door locked!

Bonus Tip: I recommend incorporating natural elements like houseplants and textured fabrics to create a warm and calming atmosphere. And don't forget the power of scent! Diffuse some lavender essential oil or light a scented candle for an extra touch of tranquility.

Remember, reclaiming your organised oasis is a journey, not a destination. Be kind to yourself, celebrate your achievements, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Your home is a reflection of you, so let it be a space that inspires, nourishes, and brings you joy. Now go forth, declutter, prioritise, and create the home you deserve!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Jess x


If you'd like more tips and support with creating a calm and joyful home, join us in Happybeams & Co. where you'll find a treasure trove of useful resources, our private Facebook group and professional design advice, trade discounts and more!


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