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Kitchen Renovation in the Cotswolds | Before & After

Project: Honeypot, Broadwell

Completed: August 2019


To rip out the old oak kitchen and fully renovate the space, giving it a fresh look, maintaining the character of the property while also creating more storage and useable workspace.

The property will be let for short holiday breaks, so materials need to be practical and durable.

Before Photos:


We wanted to create a focal point, and also centralise the cooking area as it was over to the left beforehand, making the layout feel off balance. So we built a faux mantle around the freestanding cooker to balance the space better and also focus the eye on the back wall.

By switching the eye level double oven to a freestanding range cooker, we were able to open up more counter space, and increase the cooking capacity at the same time.

We also added a dresser style area in the dining room, which continues the flow from the kitchen.

A deep teal shaker door front with antique bronze hardware gives a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary.

New flooring and lighting give the space a fresher look, and the Dekton worktop is a worthwhile investment - it's beautiful and one of the most hardwearing options available.

After Photos:


Of course, if you have any questions about anything feel free to get in touch. You can DM me on Instagram or send me a message via the contact page on my website.

Thanks so much for reading, -Jess x

-Photos by @storiesbychloe


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