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Calming Home Office Inspiration

Good morning! As promised Becca (@houseofthreelondon) & I are back with another home office scheme for you, this time focusing on bringing a sense of calm. Because work can get stressful! We all have those moments when we want to throw our laptop out of the window. Right? Well, imagine having a space that could keep you as calm as possible throughout the day.

I truly believe our homes can support our wellbeing and help us to be the best versions of ourselves, so if you're running a business from home or you have back to back conference calls, a few little tweaks or a full blown transformation, could really make a whole world of difference to how you show up.

When I was first coming up with this scheme, I had two of my favourite Instagram accounts in mind. They don't know this, but the way they capture sunlight in their photos and their beautifully styled, dreamy homes, were the inspiration for this moodboard. I'm talking about Clare from @theharboroughhome and Skyla one half of @skyla_ollie. So I hope you (and they!) like it!


For this scheme I knew immediately which shops to check out first, starting with few firm favourites: Hudson Home, The White Company, Neptune, Hunter & Co, Cox & Cox, H&M Home and Layered Lounge. That selection = what dreams are made of!

So as you can see we've gone for a very neutral scheme, a bit of a coastal vibe with an airy feel, some greenery and plenty of natural textures of linen, wood and glass.

I love this watercolour artwork from Hunter & Co. With this, even if you don't have a particularly dreamy view out of the window, you can always pretend you're looking out onto a beach instead! And a lot of the accessories we've chosen have curved edges, which will encourage your mind to keep flowing, and hopefully keep your day going smoothly!

And another key element to this room, which is inevitably much harder to pick out from a moodboard, is the fragrance you'll smell when you walk in. I've chosen the Spa Restore reed diffuser from The White Company, which we have in our living room and honestly smells divine! I would highly encourage you to find a fragrance that really lifts your mood, or immediately makes you feel calm and make sure you can smell it at all times! I'll take a bulk order of these please.

We have chosen soft & natural textures throughout, from the rug to the storage boxes, which helps to create a restful feeling, while the combination of shutters and curtains will give you plenty of options to maintain the perfect level of light coming in as well.

You'll find all the items on the mood board listed and linked below, and if you have any questions about the scheme please do leave us a comment or drop either Becca or I a message. We'd love to hear from you.



Paint Colour F&B Skimming Stone

*The chair legs have a slightly warmer tone on the website, so to match the legs to the desk top you may want to use lime wax or a stain to achieve this look.

Let us know what you think of this scheme, is it something you'd choose for your own home? Next up we're creating a Gentleman's Study moodboard so stay tuned for that.

Thanks so much for reading & have a wonderful day! x

You can find Becca on Instagram at @houseofthreelondon for the most gorgeous wedding & interiors inspiration and design services.

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