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Dog-friendly interior tips for your home

According to the RSPCA, over forty per cent of UK households own a pet. It’s clear they hold a special place in our hearts as well as our homes with dogs leading the pack as a popular choice. But how do you create harmonious living and also ensure that your home is the ‘pawfect’ place to be for pets? Read on for some interior tips you both will love for the ultimate dog-friendly home.

Consider upholstery and fabrics carefully

When it comes to unwinding together, this means everyone and sofas can be a magnet for fur. So think very carefully about fabrics - are they washable or dry clean only? This may affect your decision when it comes to the crunch. Another idea is to invest in a fabric treatment like Scotchgard™ to repel and block stains for long-lasting wear even with pets. Additionally, the ‘Rub’ or ‘Martindale’ test measures the endurance of fabrics and is internationally recognised with true-to-life results.

Choose stylish yet functional storage

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ is a term that applies to dogs too. Like us, they have stuff, and it needs organising to prevent your home from looking cluttered. I especially love this pet storage bin in an elegant green or Not On The High Street’s alternative with a leather handle. Easy-to-clean toy bins are also better than pretty wicker options - pet toys can be a hotbed for bacteria, yeast and mould.

The best flooring for four-legged friends

Rainy walks are inevitable in winter, and the last thing you need is chasing after mucky paws when you get home. If you’re in a position of choosing your floors, I’d recommend something easy-to-clean and hardwearing like LVT or porcelain tiles. Floors for Paws offer low maintenance flooring, created for pets and proves you can still have a gorgeous home even with dogs. Rugs also make a perfect addition to dress up a room, and should they get spoiled can easily be cleaned or thrown away.

My go-to cleaning product if carpet’s your thing

A cleaning cupboard classic, the Dr Beckmann range is tough on eliminating stains and pet odours. Keep upholstery and carpets tip-top with this effective product, featuring a powerful oxy formula and built-in brush.

Opt for pet-friendly paint

If you’re planning a home decor revamp, don't overlook walls - they could be a headache to clean if you don't consider their finish. A highly-textured surface is likely to attract pet fluff even if your little rascal isn’t rubbing against it. I’d recommend a hardwearing matt paint that easily wipes clean - even bouncy balls can finally take their toll. Johnstone’s Acrylic Matt Paint is smooth, scrubbable and tough to keep those walls gleaming for longer.

How to deter a teething pup

OK puppies chew - that’s a fact, but it doesn’t have to ruin your home. One of the best things we bought was Bitter Apple Spray which left our little teether searching for a toy.

I'd love to know if you have a dog, head over to my Instagram page to let me know!

Hopefully, these home decor tips will help! Of course, it depends on the type of breed you have and what stage you’re at with your home, but these worked a dream with our Cocker Spaniel, Oti.

Thanks so much for reading.

-Jess x

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