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Dreamy, Beach Hut Spaces | A Recap of Interior Design Masters Ep.5

This week, we saw Interior Design Masters take to the coast as the contestants were challenged to re-design five beach huts. With only a handful of designers remaining, the competition’s hotting up - here’s how Episode 5 went down...

Alan Carr with Paul (Moneypenny Interiors)

Week 5 - The Brief: Create a dreamy beach hut space

With £1000 and 2 days, the designers were tasked with their very first solo show. With a seaside beach hut each, they had to create a multi-functional space that was user-friendly and well-designed. The overall goal for each hut’s aesthetic was to make them feel fresh and with a theme that wouldn’t quickly date. Through thunderstorms and high winds, I was truly gripped for the hour; here’s what we learned from Tuesday’s show:

The importance of patina and texture

Without texture in a scheme, room decor falls flat and can result in a space that’s rather underwhelming. Although I absolutely loved Charlotte’s colours, I wasn’t sure if they were quite right for this brief - some natural elements like raffia would also have created more depth.

Black accents aren’t always best

Lynsey ran with a sundae theme for her beach hut and finished the look with a hint of matt black metal. Black accents are very seductive and dark, so I didn’t feel that they worked - perhaps sticking with the brass elements would have done the trick.

Polka dots will always be fun

Whether you’re a fan of coloured polka dots or a dalmatian print, pattern stickers are a fun way to decorate. In the show, we saw Paul pay homage to the 50s with his diner design and striking pink polka dot wall; learn how to do it yourself here.

Everyone needs a good pegboard

One unique creation I loved was Lynsey’s pegboard, a savvy way to hang beachwear after a day in the sand. Lynsey’s pegboard also included adjustable shelving for many alternative uses, saving the hut getting from cluttered with various bits and bats.

Ombre walls are the new wallpaper

This week, Micaela really brought it home with her ‘home from home’ theme and ombre walls in beautiful, tonal pinks. Reminiscent of a dreamy sunset, I thought it worked really well, especially with her choice of fabrics.

Multifunctional furniture will always be in

Small spaces call for practicality, especially beach huts; the goal is functionality, comfort and purpose. Anything that can make an impact aesthetically but be adaptable too will always have a place in design.

Did you enjoy the show - which hut was your favourite? Personally, I loved elements in every one of them! So will Paul skip the sofa again next week, and who will take the crown home?

For now, I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Thanks so much for reading,

-Jess x

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