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Festive Decorating Ideas | What's Your Christmas Style?

Eager to soak up the Christmas spirit? Personally, I cannot wait. In light of two national lockdowns and one crazy year, I’m all for starting the festivities early.

In fact, studies have shown decorating for Christmas can ignite our inner child and improve wellbeing. If you’ve not figured out your Yuletide style, then I’ve got you covered - read on for some festive decorating ideas.


Snow in December is not guaranteed, but there’s always a winter wonderland theme. If you can’t resist an all-white palette, this elegant look is reminiscent of a fairytale story. White also offers a dreamy aesthetic and goes with most decor - you don’t have to go bold to make a statement.

From snow-flocked trees to wintery wreaths, here are some ideas for creating whimsical decor.

Fairylights are also an absolute must and will look gorgeous whether on your tree or wrapped around the stairs. The more light we can bring to our homes, the better right now - as Bing says, “may your days be merry and bright.”


If decking the halls sounds overwhelming to you - perhaps it’s time to scale back your decor? Less is definitely more for a simple aesthetic, and this holiday look is so easy to copy at home.

Mother nature also offers many sustainable choices for eco decor that will create an understated Nordic feel. The idea is to bring the charm of nature indoors by filling your home with wonderfully fresh scents, seasonal flowers, branches and woven materials.

This style is ethical-chic at it’s finest, calm and inviting with a focus on just the essentials. Light a few soy wax candles and you’re pretty much there - head to my favourite pins for more ideas.


If you can’t resist bold colour, you’re in for a treat - rainbow decorations are big this year. With this trend comes multi-coloured pom-poms, baubles and stockings - it’s Christmas, but like you’ve never seen it before.

It’s also a maximalist’s dream with this style being ideal for colour lovers and little ones too. The more playful, the better - check out my pins to explore this fun, festive look.


Channel a time-honoured Christmas with classic decor that, like the Minimal look, uses a muted palette with notes of green. The secret is to blend refined elements like satin with earthier tones and natural materials to create subtle and layered interest.

To get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit, embellish your fireplace and door frames with fresh foliage garlands. Throw in some glistening string lights that twinkle in the most pleasing of ways, and you’ve got yourself an awe-inspiring Christmas display.

Feeling hesitant about decorating early for Christmas? I’d say do it in stages. A Norway Spruce may not last the duration, but you could always start with some lights - whatever brings you personal joy.

Whether you decorate now or in another week, I’m certain this season will bring some much-needed cheer and goodwill. And as long as we’re healthy and safe, there’s no greater gift - wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Love Jess. x

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-Co-written with Hannah King

-All images credited


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