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Function, Pattern and Storage | A Recap of Interior Design Masters Ep.4

This week, we saw Interior Design Masters on the high-street, specifically, The Pantiles in the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The designers were put to the test by Michelle and Ross Bailey, founder of ‘Appear Here’, an online marketplace for short-term retail lets.

Week 4 - The Brief: Destination Shopping Spaces

The designers were tasked with refitting three stores which included a camera equipment retailer, pet and kitchenware shop. After pitching their individual ideas, one brief was chosen per team, and they were each given two days to revamp the units. Despite some interesting choices, including spoons on the ceiling, the designers transformed the stores into destination shopping spaces. We also saw how they navigated the world of visual merchandising from behaviour to storage - here are some takeaways we can apply at home…

Barbara & Lynsey's Camera Shop Design

The importance of time management in any project

Whether a shop re-fit or a home renovation, time management plays a vital role. Your objectives should be clear from the start, with deadlines set to avoid despondency and any major delays. Like we saw in the show, it’s also essential to have a good collaboration with trades for the best results. Sometimes less is more, and so it helps to be real or risk pushing back the completion date.

Charlotte & Siobhan's Pet Shop Design

Room function matters

When it comes to updating a room, it’s only human nature to want to dive in and choose a wall colour. Actually, rooms need a plan and space function is key - remember the pet shop and the undersized table? Consider who’ll use the space and why and you’ll create a highly functional room instead of one that feels empty and lost. Everyone wants their home to be pretty, but it does need to work - form follows function always.

Paul & Micaela's Till Point Countertop

Different uses of wallpaper

Paul Moneypenny is the wallpaper king, and I thought the resin surface he created for the till was impressive. In fact, wallpaper is a really clever way to update an old piece like, for instance, a side table that’s seen better days. I also love the idea of wallpapering stair risers to add another dimension of colour and pattern at home. Staircases are not the easiest things to work with but with a little vision, your hallway will be transformed.

The power of great home storage

Michelle may have been seriously underwhelmed by Barbara and Lynsey’s design but hats off to them; they thought about storage. Offering the owner more practical solutions for storing and displaying his wears, great storage should never be underestimated. Micaela’s undulated storage was also well-liked, and team cookshop actually won the challenge! Take a moment to think about what you’d like to display and what you’d like within reach, and you’ll find your home is fully maximised.

So which was your favourite store? Oti and I just LOVED the pet accessories shop! With some really innovative designs, the show is getting tense, and we can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Thanks so much for reading

-Jess x

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