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Hotel-like Bedroom Tips | A Recap of Interior Design Masters Ep.3

Last week on Interior Design Masters, the remaining contestants transformed a country wedding venue in Sussex. Overseen by show veteran Michelle Ogundehin and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit Kemp, here’s how episode three went down.

Lynsey Ford Design

Week 3 - The Brief: Transform a quintessentially English Hotel

Split into two teams; the designers were challenged to re-imagine two of the venue’s bridal suites and six rooms. All rooms had to include a dressing table, TV and a tea and coffee station with all fabrics FR treated and curtains blackout.

Each designer had a budget of £2,000 for re-designing their space and a brief of either ‘Refined Elegance’ or ‘Maximalist’. Highlights included Siobhan’s Japanese wall mural and Lynsey’s feminine scheme - here’s what else we took away from last night’s show…

Interior Curve

How to nail a graceful hotel-like bedroom

Create a seamless effect with wood

For team Refined Elegance, the brief was ‘classic with plenty of subtle glamour’. I just loved Lynsey’s idea of using natural wood panelling which warmed up the space and helped to section off the awkward ensuite. To create a seamless look, another idea is to choose the same paint colour for your woodwork and walls. Because wood also has a low conductivity of heat, the room will always be pleasant and a little safe haven of bliss.

Charlotte Beevor

Elegant architectural accents

When it came to one of the bridal suites, Kit and Michelle had some really kind words for Charlotte. Her feature of plaster ceiling roses and spider light bulbs was described as ‘’a moment of real creative genius’’.

Luxury window treatments

When it comes to window treatments, layer blinds or shades with luxurious materials such as cotton, linen or silk. Charlotte also finished her curtains with peach crystal tiebacks and oversized tassels for that added luxe.

Moneypenny Interiors

How to create a maximalist bedroom scheme

Take your cue from wallpaper

Make like Barbara and take inspiration for your palette from your chosen wallpaper. This will tie in all your accents together to create a room flow - you can always add a pop of colour for contrast.

Barbara Ramani Interiors

Create a ‘Jewel Box’ with pattern and colour

For team Maximalist, the brief was ‘striking, decadence and contemporary chintz’. The Jewel Box effect is achieved through an even-handed blending of colour, texture and pattern to achieve a very glamorous finish. It should feel collected and safe - never over-crowded, with opulence in every nook and cranny. Be careful, however, as too many patterns and clashing colours can create a sense of unease.

The Space Maker Interiors
Jonathan Scott Interiors

Step back and take stock

As with any interior, it’s always essential to look at the room as a whole. Consider how the space functions as well as proportion and scale rather than homing in on the smaller details.

Micaela Sharp Design

Whether you dream of the Jewel Box effect or paired back charm, this episode was jam-packed with lots of special ideas. Don’t forget the hotel-like bedroom essentials such as luxurious bed linen to make your home feel like a 5-star stay!

Thanks so much for reading

-Jess x

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