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Houseplant Appreciation Day | Best Plants and Hacks to Enjoy

Houseplant Appreciation Day is upon us this week (Sunday 10th January), a time to be grateful for indoor flowers and shrubs. Originally established by The Gardener’s Network, it gives us the perfect excuse to bring the outdoors inside this month.

Whether you’re already a proud plant parent or a total novice, in this post you will find some handy tips and tricks. Read on for my hacks and the best plants for each room to keep your leafy babies happy for longer!

My top 5 house plant hacks

1. Pick the right plants for your space

Did you know, there are more than 80 different species of plants suitable for indoors and each one has evolved to survive in a particular climate? To give houseplants the best chance of survival, you should try to match these conditions where you can, depending on the space. For instance, if your home lacks natural light, choose a suitable type such as a Snake plant or Calathea. These peppy plants will pack a punch in the shade - check out my below guide to find a plant for each room.

2. Invest in a good book

Purifying the air and boosting overall health, house plants are incredibly beneficial to have. Learn how to care for them well and invest in a book; some of my favourites include:

3. Mist daily and spin weekly

Spraying foliage with water can keep leaves clean and provide moisture to new developing roots. Mist with soft water each morning and spin your plants once a week - this will ensure they grow evenly instead of lopsided.

4. Share your morning cuppa - yes really

Always need a coffee to get going first thing? Your plants are probably thinking the same. Don’t worry I’m just kidding, but although they don’t actually crave caffeine, the acid in coffee can give certain plants a welcome boost. Dilute leftover coffee with water to irrigate ferns, gardenias and other acid-loving plants. Coffee also contains calcium and magnesium, both beneficial to plants to keep them healthy, green and strong.

5. Know when to repot or let go

If you can see the beginnings of roots or if new leaves appear small, then the chances are your plant is ready for repotting. Other signs include soil that dries out too quickly or doesn’t soak in water at all - your plant is merely asking for some room to breathe. Try not to do it too often, however, as repotting is stressful for plants but necessary for additional growth. You can also tell when a houseplant is sick, and it’s time to let go if the stem and roots are mushy or brittle.

The best plants for each room

The right houseplant can bring calm to a space and of course, look totally fab. From promoting great sleep to flavouring meals, here are my picks for every room:

Bedroom - French lavender for sweet dreams.

Living room - A Peace Lily by a window or chair.

Kitchen - Herbs like Rosemary and Thyme.

Bathroom - Lush and low maintenance ferns.

Home office - A Snake plant for improved attention.

I hope you have found this post helpful - there are plenty of reasons to keep greenery at home!

I would also love to see your houseplants, so do let me know what you choose - why not tag me on Instagram using @happybeams?

Thanks so much for reading

-Jess x


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