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How To Detox Your Workspace with Becky Stanton

I originally posted this at the start of 2020, back when only some of us were working from our homes. Fast forward a year, who'd have thought this would be such an important read for so many of us!

A wonderful friend of mine, Becky Stanton is a soul-led NLP Mindset & Manifestation coach. But Becky actually started her entrepreneurial journey as a home organiser and Feng Shui expert, with a passion for transforming workspaces into wellness sanctuaries.

If you follow her online, you'll know she's naturally pivoted into supporting female entrepreneurs improve their mindset (including supporting me with mine!) but I thought we should revisit this post in case it helps you make the most of your workspace, whether it's a permanent or temporary situation.

So without further ado, I'll pass you over to Becky...

Your Space Is An Extension Of You

Have you ever noticed the connection?

You feel distracted, chaotic, rushed and busy – your physical space around you is cluttered, messy and unorganised.

You feel energised, calm, intentional and motivated – your physical space around you is clear, purposeful and organised.

It’s a common theme for us all. Our environment is closely connected with our mind-set and mood. That’s why cleaning, tidying and organising your space feels like you are regaining control. Because you are – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Consider Your Space In Your 2021 vision

As we enter a new year, you will have spent some time connecting with your dream success and ideal lifestyle. This is a magical part of the year, full of positivity and limitless thinking!

What is often missed as part of the visioning and planning is the environment you will make it happen in. Your home, your office or your chosen designated workspace.

Your physical space has an impact on your behaviour, thoughts and patterns. Your space could be tripping you up and un-doing all the gorgeous mind-set work you focus on daily.

Here is a quick insight into how your space is connected to your mind…

1. Your subconscious mind notices everything

Every item is identified and processed in your subconscious mind, even if your conscious mind chooses to ignore it and not see any clutter. This uses energy and focus that could be re-directed elsewhere, leaving you to feel tired and exhausted before even starting!

2. You will feel cluttered and distracted

You will find it harder to focus your attention on one task, as your senses are heightened by “stuff” around you. You may find yourself constantly distracted and procrastinating more, as your attention is constantly moving.

3. You will be more reactive than proactive

The busier your subconscious mind becomes, the less capacity there is for limitless thinking, using your innate creativity and intuition within your business. You may feel more frantic and reactive, and have less motivation and energy for pro-active and thoughtful work.

It is scientifically proven that a clear space = a clear mind. And a clear mind = a clear vision and perspective. So in order to become that dream version of yourself that you visualise for the future, take a look at where you are physically today reading this. And detox your space!

Detoxing Your Space Is Magical

Becoming more intentional and purposeful with your space will be transformational for your mind and your future. You will be taking pro-active steps towards your vision and enhancing your connection with your physical environment.

Here are my simple steps to detox your space for this new year:

1. Create a meaningful purpose for your space.

For example, the chair you meditate in can become your meditation space. The desk or room you work from, can become your workspace. Each area in your home can be a designated sanctuary for your life and routine.

2. Ask yourself the following questions to connect with your space

- What does my space say about me right now?

- If your space was your mind, how would I describe it?

- How does this space make me feel?

- Is this how I want to feel in this space and if not, how do I want to feel in this space?

- What would that ideal space look, sound, feel like?

- Does this space currently allow me to [insert action/feeling/desire] with ease?


"What you see is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your mind while you are working"

3. Remove all belongings physically from the space.

4. Take this opportunity to clean and tidy your space.

Open windows to let fresh air and energy circulate. Cleanse your space with sage as a spiritual practice.

5. Purposefully create a space that supports and maximises how you wish to feel in this space. Be intentional with your belongings - only allow items back in that align with how you want to feel in your space.

6. Build intentional routines, actions and habits that support you in maintaining your environment.

My Work Sanctuary

I’ve used this detox method to create my Work Sanctuary - my workspace that is 100% aligned with how I want to feel, act and behave as the CEO of my business. It reflects my personality, my vision for success and my brand ethos. Every day it supports my mind-set as I create the business and success of my dreams.

Personalising These Tips For You

If you work in an office or you work a lot on the move, it's all about personalising these tips to suit your situation and environment.

I would advise utilising your phone and laptop especially for your vision boarding. Think about your screen backgrounds, phone prompts, voice memos! Create the habits and support to surround you.

Take Glorious Inspired Action!

You can re-create this process with any space in your home. I would start with an area that you spend most of your time in as you will feel the benefit instantly, which will encourage you to apply these principles to other spaces in your home.

I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions or would like to reach out to me about this beautiful process.

We can’t wait to see the intentional and personal spaces within your homes. Tag Jess and I in your Detoxed Spaces that you create – we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

You can find Becky on Instagram @beckystanton_mindsetcoach

Thank you so much to Becky for sharing these amazing tips - I for one can't wait to start decluttering and being more intentional about where I choose to work this year. And as she quite rightly points out, this advice can be applied to every area of your home!

Let us know how you get on, we'd love to see your new wellness sanctuaries coming to life!

Thanks for reading,

-Jess x


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