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Home Office Design Ideas | A Recap of Interior Design Masters Ep.2

This week on Interior Design Masters, we saw the contestants as they navigated the world of commercial office design. Three mid-century open-plan spaces were each in dire need of some life, here’s how the designers rose to the challenge.

Week 2 - The Brief: Create a cohesive office scheme

The contestants were split into teams to tackle each space and create a base for three separate brands. These included specialists in tech, media and beauty with each requiring headquarters in vibrant and thriving West London.

The teams worked well together this week to each create a cohesive new scheme which featured areas for meetings, hot-desking and breaks. We also saw some innovative techniques, here’s what we learnt from the show, read on to explore with some tips for implementing at home:

Team Tech

Incorporating double sided white boards

Lynsey Ford Design - Workspace

The Space Maker Interiors - Breakout Area

Micaela Sharp Design - Workspace

Making open-plan broken-plan

If you’re working from home and don’t have your own space, being creative with walls can help. In the show, we saw lots of dividing going on to carve out new zones and give future users room to breathe. The contestants went to town with their methods and used everything from muslin cloth screens to open shelving and whiteboards. These zones were then holistically linked using colour and shape; in the home, you can use art and lighting to create a sense of connection.

Team Media

Jonathan Scott Interiors - Meeting Room

Barbara Ramani Interiors - Breakout Area

Interior Curve - Meeting Room

The Space Maker Interiors - Breakout Area

Using colour to boost mood

When it comes to interior colour, everyone’s different - it was funny how Alan Carr reacted to Jon’s orange walls. Colours can have a psychological effect on how we behave, so they are definitely worth thinking about. For instance, what shades make you productive and give you a buzz? Don’t choose a colour simply based on your preference. You can also take inspiration from pattern, like the guys at Team Tech who took their playful pink palette from wallpaper.

Charlotte Beevor - Hand painted Wall Mural

Lynsey Ford Design - Plywood Wall Mural

Wall murals

Charlotte’s wall mural was really impressive, and I loved how she took it right up and over the ceiling. Similar to Jon’s green canopy we discussed from Episode 1, things like this do lift a space. Then there was Barbara’s arch trick using string and a nail or Lynsey’s feature wall using plywood. If you’re not artistic like me, straight pieces of wood can still be effective and just as gorgeous.

Thanks so much for reading guys! And a huge well done to all nine designers. Can't wait for Episode 3!

Meet us back here again next week,

-Jess x

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