Review of The Dreamland Relaxwell Faux Fur Heated Throw

Hello. I hope you are having a good week!

One of my goals for 2020 was to try and blog at least once a week, so I'm sneaking this one in just before the weekend! And I'm very excited because something else I wanted to do more of this year is to review products or services that I've been using, to give you an insight into what I love or what I think could be improved, and today is my first one!

...and the product I'm reviewing is the Dreamland Relaxwell Faux Fur Heated Throw. In case you hadn't guessed from the title!

I had spotted this just before Christmas so was very happy when I got my hands on one! Unfortunately it wasn't reduced in the Boxing Day sales, but I am pleased to say (*spoiler alert!) I think it was worth paying full price for!

It has to be said, I do get very cold in bed. When I first get in, I'm the queen of the 'bed-dance' to try and warm up! And once I'm snuggly, I am a very big fan of staying wrapped up as long as I can. Or usually, just until Oti wakes me up!

So the amazing thing about this throw is, I can switch it on while I'm getting ready for bed, and by the time I get in it's super cosy! The 1 hour auto shut off timer is great as well, giving just enough time to warm up but it means I'm not going to bake overnight! You can actually set this anywhere from 1 to 9 hours to switch off, if you'd like it to stay on for longer. But I've found the hour to be just right.

One thing worth mentioning is how incredibly soft the faux fur is, as well as the underside which is more of a velvet/velour material - or 'Micro Mink' according to the website! And from an aesthetic point of view I absolutely love the texture it brings to my bed - the only thing I'd perhaps tweak slightly is the width, as for a bed throw (my bed is King size) I prefer for them to not just perch on the top - a little hanging over the sides is always nice. So if they could possibly make a slightly wider one for larger beds, that would be perfect. On a small double or single this would be gorgeous!

Oh and of course, it got the Oti seal of approval as well!

I bought mine from Lakeland, but I believe they are also available from Dunelm, Argos & John Lewis. There are also different colour ways available, I just fell in love with this 'Alaskan Husky' faux fur to bring some warmth and softness to my white bedlinen and grey tones. And the great news is, apparently it is machine washable and you can pop it in the tumble dryer too - I haven't tried yet, so I'll report back once I have!

Next on my list is a Lumie lamp. The idea of a 'sunrise' alarm clock has intrigued me for a while, so I've got my eye on a refurbished one, and I'll test it out for a month or so and let you know the verdict! I'd love to know if you have one, and what your thoughts are, in the meantime.

Thanks so much for reading,

Jess x

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