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The Luxury Villa Final! | A Recap of Interior Design Masters Ep.8

And just like that, Interior Design Masters is over for another year! If you caught last week's final, did your prediction come true? Here’s a recap and spoiler (for those who’ve not yet watched the show).

Lynsey Ford Design
Interior Curve

Week 8 - The Brief: Luxury holiday villas

In the show finale, we saw the remaining designers, Siobhan and Lynsey work their magic in Cornwall. The life-changing prize? A design contract with a boutique hotel in the Lake District.

Going head-to-head, the girls were given two luxury villas that they had to completely redesign in line with the brief. For Lynsey, it was a sophisticated ‘Girls Getaway’, and for Siobhan, a ‘Family-Friendly Retreat’ - talk about stepping it up a notch!

Lynsey's Kitchen Island

Michelle described the ideal end result for this task as a ‘home from home, but without all of the stuff’. The villas needed to feel exclusive and ‘just for me’, not to mention, suit the target client they had. Lynsey’s villa really hit the design brief for me and showed she’d thought about the user - how genius was that kitchen island? Siobhan also showed amazing talent; it’s clear she has a natural gift, and it was interesting to see how similar both had become.

Guest judges included the return of Sophie Robinson and Matthew Williamson, a fashion designer who really needs no introduction. Over three days, we saw the return of Amy and Paul, more wall murals and tears - here’s some of my favourite bits from this year’s show:

Siobhan's Wall Mural
Siobhan's Hallway

The emphasis on time management and planning

First and foremost, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, interior projects really are about planning. It might be tempting to jump right in, but this can lead to costly mistakes, so always have a vision and plan around this.

The spotlight on pre-loved pieces

This year, the series upped its game when it came to old pieces and demonstrated what can be done with an old dresser or two. It was so refreshing to see how second-hand furniture can be transformed into new pieces - not something you can pick up on the high street, that’s for sure.

Lynsey's Dining Area
Lynsey's Living Area

The collaborations that saw the best results

Some of the greatest designs were a result of teamwork like Barbara, Siobhan and Paul’s beautiful office! This also applies in the home, so don’t be afraid to bounce your ideas off others; it’s always good to get a second opinion!

The proof you can still have gorgeous decor even on a tight budget

Creating an elegant home can be tricky enough without having to worry about budget constraints. Thankfully, time after time, we were shown how it’s done - hats off to the designers for their creative ideas.

Siobhan's Living Area

So there we have it, the last show is a wrap - come on, admit it, you shed a tear with me too! I can’t imagine how excited Lynsey will feel and how proud they must be - both Siobhan and Lynsey are incredible designers in their own right. If you’d like some style inspiration from the show, keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be uploading the final moodboard, Becca (@houseofthreelondon) and I have been working on very soon.

Until then, thank you for following my posts; I appreciate it - what to do now on a Tuesday night is the question.

Thanks again!

-Jess x

-Co-written with Hannah King

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