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Why Knowing Your Style Can Make You Happier

This idea for a blog series first came to me, when an Instagram post popped up on my feed (this very one to be precise!) and without needing to look at who it belonged to, I already knew it was one of the lovely Emma's from @apogee_interiors.

You might say it's because I know her home a bit too well, but this is a fairly unobvious corner of her living room, and it was just through the styling and colour tones that I had an inkling!

We started talking a few years ago, back when Emma had around 3,000 followers, and at this current moment she's well over 60,000! And so well deserved. Emma's style is so eye catching, she works super hard on her social media channels & blog, as well as studying Interior Design at the same time. Oh and just being a bloody great girl to top it all off!

And it's been brilliant not only watching her style evolve over that time, but also her confidence grow, through trying new ideas while remaining authentic and true to what she knows & loves. And what her husband, Dave and cat, Ted love too of course!

Ted even goes with the colour scheme...

So I have been chatting to Emma about how our homes can be a real comfort and support to our busy lives, and that knowing our personal style can give us a creative outlet for changing things up every now & again - I don't believe you ever truly finish a room. We're forever growing as humans so our homes surely must also evolve alongside us. Don't you think?

But it's also a brilliant reflection of our personality, to give us the confidence to be our true selves in a world telling us how we 'should' be or what's currently 'on trend'. One of the best ways to feel good in our own skin, has to surely be as simple as to love what we love, and not what's expected of us.

Well, my plan is to bring you lovely lot a different account, blogger, or real-life friend like Emma at least once a month, chat to them about their thoughts on the matter and top tips for how you can feel the same way about your own home.

Without further ado, let's get into the conversation with Emma @apogee_interiors...

J: Hey Emma! Thank you so much for being my first guest on this new series! Like so many people, I absolutely love your home & interiors, so would love to know how did you first start to establish your personal style?

E: I think in today’s world of social media and Pinterest throwing so much incredible inspiration at us, it can be so easy to feel inspired by an idea or a room. Meaning it can be really tricky to find your own style amongst the pictures.

It's something when I first started Instagram I really struggled with. But over time I've managed to hone in on what I really love. It actually started when I began to think practically. I asked myself the questions ‘What is the purpose of this room?’ and ‘How do I want to feel in this space?’ I soon then realised I love my spaces to have a sense of purpose. Be it a fun entertaining space or a calming sanctuary.

I then realised I much preferred earthy colours to bright pop colours as I found them more relaxing, but I still had to make those wrong decisions to realise what I loved for our home. It eventually stopped me getting swayed by photos online. I still love and appreciate them, but I know they’re not a part of my style reel.

J: That is such good advice. It is so easy to be led by all the images we see, but thinking about the function of a room and how you want to feel can really help narrow down what you’re really looking to achieve. So how do you get your inspiration?

E: Something which I'm trying to do more of now is to get inspired from something which isn't an interior space to start with. Be it a piece of art, colour palette from flowers or just a pattern on a piece of fabric. Then I try and pull out ideas from that piece be it the form, colours or patterns. If looking more to interior spaces, I tend to look at commercial design such as bars and restaurants and think of ways I can use these ideas in my home. Usually the design you see are a little more innovative and can make for interesting ideas in the home.

J: Love this! It’s something I’m actually trying to do more of as well, such a good way to get the creative juices flowing!

J: Do you have particular colours you try to stick to? Or is it more about how things make you feel in your home?

E: I tend to stick to a more earthy colour palette when it comes to colours. There will still be a mix between greens, oranges, yellows, pinks etc. But I find them much more calming in a home. Using a similar depth of colour also creates a subtle continuity, without having to paint every wall the same colour throughout your home. But still give each room some individuality.

J: Absolutely, the same depth or family of colours is such a subtle but clever trick! So lastly, what is your top tip for decorating your home?

E: Plan! I find creating mood boards either by hand or on the computer a great way to give a sense of how your room will feel. It can help stop impulse buying and give you a much more considered room.

I think we can both agree that knowing your style and designing your home in a way that you absolutely love coming back to & spending time in, can make such a difference to how you feel and your overall wellbeing. I think also carrying your style right the way through your home like Emma has done, even with just small touches here & there, has a subconscious calming effect, and may also encourage you to keep each room tidy and beautifully put together which is always a bonus!

I hope you've enjoyed reading more about Emma's creative process and how she found her style. Thank you so much again to Emma for sharing these insights with us, and I hope you find them encouraging for bringing your own personal style into your homes and feeling a sense of comfort & wellness.

All images in this blog post are taken from Emma's Instagram account @apogee_interiors, which is well worth a follow if you're not already one of the 60,000+!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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