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Simple Spring Updates

20 Simple Updates To Freshen Up Your Home

Still not feeling that 'new year' energy to sort your house out? Well, did you know that March was originally the first month of the year? It's totally natural for Spring to bring a new sense of motivation and inspiration...

So to kick off the new season in the best way, join me for 20 Simple Spring Updates To Freshen Up Your Home.

£10 to purchase the replay,with lifetime access.

*Free for all Happybeams & Co. members, included in your membership.

Really hope you enjoy the workshop!

This is for you if...
  • you're itching to make some changes around your home, but need a boost of motivation.

  • you're feeling disappointed that we're into March and nothing has happened in your home yet this year.

  • you don't feel like you have the time, money or energy to make any real impact with your interior projects.

  • you'd love to start enjoying spending time in your home again and feel inspired by this new season.

In 60 minutes, we cover 20 different ideas from spring cleaning and decluttering, through to upcycling furniture and shopping your home. 


I promise we don’t spend the whole hour talking about florals.


All you need is a notebook and pen, and a drink of your choice, and you can watch it at a time to suit you!

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