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Do you want to learn more about Interior Design, or have support with your next project?

If you are about to start decorating a room, take on a renovation project or even build a home.

Or you are interested in learning more about interior design.

Then we invite you to join our #MyHomeStyleSeries online workshops hosted by Alice & Jess.

We are hosting a series of workshops.

Choose below which workshop you would like to attend, or choose to attend multiple workshops!

We can't wait to meet you!


(Was 5th May)



(Was 12th May)




(19th May)



(26th May)

What we will cover...

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- Identify the key characteristics of each interior style

- Create a cohesive scheme for your home

- Recognise how different colours, furniture shapes and textures can all work together to define your style

- Teach you an efficient way to collate your ideas, to inspire & guide your designs as you put them into practice

- Our top picks for where to shop and who to follow for more inspiration

- Teach you techniques to draw and create furniture layouts

- Share the best ways to think through how each space will be used

- Talk through visual tricks to make a room feel larger or cosier


- Different theories on creating functional and calming spaces

- Explain key design elements that help make your room & home feel cohesive & balanced

- Discuss different lighting options & rug placement

- Identify the different feelings and moods each colour can bring to your home


- Cover the theory of colour, colour psychology and our personal experiences working with clients & projects


- Techniques to enable you to form a colour palette to suit your personal taste & style

- Discuss the importance of samples, and ways to visualise your scheme as you transform your home

- Teach you how to take your house from empty or over-cluttered to a beautifully styled home


- Help you recognise key strategies to organise your home

- Give you room specific tips such as dressing your bed, and styling a console or bookshelf

- Learn how to style your home to create a space that is both interesting and restful

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Paint colours

What  to  expect...

In our workshop series, we teach you everything from planning your space, choosing the right colours and styling your home to suit your budget, personal style and project.

Learn how to draw and create layout plans for your room

Understand colour psychology and how to choose the right colours for your space

How to style your home to create a space you love, suited to your personal style & budget

Private Facebook group to find like-minded people, share ideas, find recommendations and access to Jess & Alice for your questions 

Alice & Jess

Meet  the designers!

About Alice & Jess

Interior Designers Alice & Jess started their #MyHomeStyleSeries workshops in May 2019, after having similar conversations with clients time and time again about where to start with a room update or renovation.


So these four workshops were born, to help people who may not need a dedicated Interior Designer but could do with some guidance.

Alice qualified from The Interior Design Institute in January 2016 and set up Alice Maughan Interiors, consulting and designing projects for her clients. Alice is now the creative director of development company Stronghold Homes.


After four years working in Charity Events & Fundraising, Jess retrained in Interior Design at KLC, Chelsea Harbour in 2016 and has since worked for an Interior Design company in Wimbledon, a Kitchen Design company in the Midlands and in 2018 set up Happybeams Interiors. 


See what our previous workshop attendees have to say!
Reviews background.png

Eleanor, Workshops Attendee 2020


“I feel so much more confident in my interior style and how to implement it. I LOVE the tricks of the trade - I always felt like I was just winging it and sometimes it worked out well. But this proves there are formulas to follow.” 

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