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5 reasons to hire an Interior Designer for your next home renovation

Taking on a home project is no mean feat. There are many decisions to make along the way. You’ve got to speak to different trades and services, budget, plan, and you may even have a never ending layer of dust to contend with! But the end result of creating a home you truly love and can’t want to share with your friends and family, makes it all worth it, right?

But what if it could be a more enjoyable process? What if I let you into a few secrets that could take away some of the stress, keep you on budget and give you the confidence to transform your home exactly the way you want to?

Yes, working with an interior designer can be an extra expense outside your original budget. It might feel like a luxury only the rich and famous can afford. But what if there was a more affordable way to work with a designer?

Imagine if the money saved through your interior designer’s contacts covered the cost of hiring them. Would you think about it a little differently? Would it convince you to work with an interior designer for your next home project?

If it’s a yes, keep reading to find out exactly how an interior designer can help you.

1/ Get the right pieces for the right price

When you have a set budget, it’s often tempting to look for the best deals for everything you need to buy. But it’s often hard to know when something is good quality and when something will need replacing in a few years’ time.

This is one area where speaking to a professional can be extremely helpful. A designer can recommend good brands for every aspect of your home. They will do the research and give you honest feedback on where to splurge or save.

A designer can share tricks of the trade that will make the overall scheme look more expensive, so you can keep your guests guessing how much you spent on it all!

Whether you’re transforming a single room or taking on a full renovation, a designer can help you stay on top of your costs and help you stick to your budget.

For example, I create a spreadsheet for my clients so we have a clear picture of the overall cost. We update it as we move through the project, to keep track of delivery costs and any additional expenses.

My clients can then also continue to use this spreadsheet after working with me to keep an eye on the bottom line. Because let’s face it, the fun bit at the end can easily escalate with ‘just another cushion’!

2/ Bounce your ideas off someone with a fresh pair of eyes

Sometimes it’s so easy to become fixated on a particular idea, which might mean you miss another option that could work and/or look even better. A good designer will take your ideas on board and suggest other alternatives you may not have considered.

A designer will pull all your ideas together in a styleboard, furniture layout or 3D visual mock-up so you can get a clearer picture of how everything works together. Once you see how things will look in reality, you can work through other design options until you’re totally happy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone who will guide you every step of the way or someone to bring your ideas to life, as a designer I’m always there to be your sounding board. After all, how many times do you think you could ask your partner to choose their favourite tile from a selection of 50 that all kind of look the same?

The key is to find someone you completely trust and who you can speak to openly and honestly, to make the most of the design process. As the designer, it’s my job to take on some of the most stressful elements so you can enjoy the design process (and get excited about inviting your loved ones around to your beautiful new space).

3/ Stick to your budget AND get your dream sofa

You might think working with a designer is an expense you haven’t budgeted for, but had you considered that the savings they can give you through their trade accounts often cover their design fee?

This makes it a bit of a no-brainer, because not only are you getting another pair of eyes and professional guidance to ensure your project turns out just the way you’d like, but you’ll also be able to get those quality items you thought you couldn’t afford within your budget!

4/ Love your home for years to come

As a designer who has also undertaken several of my own renovation projects, I completely understand the anxieties around spending your hard-earned money and desperately not wanting to get it wrong.

If an element of the design is particularly trend-led, or an item isn’t going to stand the test of time, it’s a designer’s job to (nicely!) make another recommendation. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with the results for as long as possible.

One of the ways I can help you overcome some of your anxieties is to create photo-realistic visuals of the project. When you are able to see exactly how a space will look with 3D visuals, you can feel confident it’s going to work for you before committing to any big decisions.

(If you're not sure what 3D visuals look like, here are some real client visuals)

5/ Take away some of the stress

Tackling a project of any size can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to even start.

You may be able to picture how you’d like your home to look, but finding specific items or choosing the perfect wall colour or floor tile can become a minefield.

Your designer will take you through each step of the process, from understanding how you will use the space to your style and design preferences. They’ll create a thorough design brief covering budget, timings and how you’d like to feel within that space.

This means you can have a clear vision of what you’re working towards. Plus, you’ll have a full list of recommended items with everything from paint colours, to taps, curtains, and lighting.

For larger projects like kitchens and bathrooms, you’ll also get scale drawings, electrical plans and elevations so you can communicate more easily with your contractors.

Many designers will have personal experience of their own renovation projects, so we can advise and prepare you for what to expect. For example, what it’s really like being without a kitchen or bathroom while living in a renovation space, or the layer of dust you’ll find on everything for several weeks after.

Plus, you’ll have someone on the end of the phone to be a sounding board when you’re not sure about little things like where to put the plug sockets or how high to hang your curtain rail. Your interiors best friend, if you will!

Basically, it’s our job to make sure you enjoy the process of renovating a room or your whole home. Plus we can help prevent costly design mistakes and find great deals on your favourite items. By the end, you’ll have a home you love for many years to come without too much stress.

There are so many different design services available. It's not something reserved for the rich & famous, despite what people sometimes still believe.

Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about Happybeams design packages or have a google to find out what other options you have in your area!

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