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New Build Apartment | How To Inject Some Colour + Personality

One of my first client projects was for two very good friends who had bought a new-build apartment in West London. They wanted to inject some colour and personality into what was a very blank canvas.

This is a situation many people find themselves in when moving into new-build homes. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the potential decorating choices! But this post is all about how you can add some personality around your existing statement pieces.

In this case, the clients had a few existing pieces of furniture to work with, and some really fun ideas to incorporate. Read on to see the before and after photos, and some tips for you to try in your own home.


Open Plan Living Space

They already owned this gorgeous teal French Connection sofa & footstool, as well as some pops of yellow in the seating area so we used this as a starting point for our colour palette. I looked for ways to introduce these colours into the dining area, and also add in some more accents around the room to help it feel more balanced.

A trio of prints above the TV from Desenio draws the eye up the wall, and on the opposite wall behind the dining table we balanced this with three wallpaper panels.

I was delighted when I found this wallpaper as the colours and print worked so well with the geometric pattern on the sofa cushions and footstool, and it brought the teal and yellow accents into the dining area.

TOP TIP: These were simply three MDF boards wrapped in wallpaper and hung on the wall, to create a feature that could be changed easily in the future. This is a great option if you're not ready to full commit to wallpaper or even if you're in rented accommodation.

A large wall clock and floating shelves were added to give more height to the room, and provide some space to add more personal touches. It can be tempting to focus on lower level furniture and accessories, but it's equally important to draw the eye up with artwork and shelving.

It's important to consider what you'd like on display and what can be cleverly hidden away in boxes or baskets. Some of your books and trinkets will suit the overall palette so there's no need to tidy everything away. Especially when the goal is to add some personality!

Just be aware of how 'stuff' makes you feel, and try to display your belongings in a considered and purposeful way rather than just cluttering up your surfaces.

Lastly, we introduced additional lighting, house plants & side tables to help to zone the space. I really loved their vintage trunk so we used this as a side table, which instantly brought more character as well as somewhere else to put your drink down!


We had a really fun idea to use their yellow surfboard as a feature in the corner of the bedroom (partly also as in London there is often minimal storage, especially for items like surfboards!).

We brought in a few more touches of yellow, in the cushions and throw, along with the greys and navy which complimented this bright & airy space.

Using yellow in a bedroom has to be done carefully, but just a few accents like this can have a very positive and uplifting effect. It also carried through from the living area, creating a good sense of flow throughout the apartment.

The picture ledges give some interest to the blank wall, as well as providing another area to add their personal touches.

The yellow glow from the inside of the lampshade gives a lovely warmth to the room even on the cloudier days.

If you’re struggling to inject some life into your home, feel free to get in touch - I’m always happy to chat about your ideas and make some recommendations!

Thanks so much for reading,

-Jess x

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