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How To Hygge Your Home: My go-to products to buy

And just like that as quick as a flash, autumn is here again. With a bite to the air and a glow to the home, this is the season we begin to retreat indoors. If you’re looking for ways to create cosy moments, such as the warm feeling of a great smelling candle, have a read of this post to learn how to Hygge your home, here are my go-to products to buy:

Star Lights Lights4Fun

Basket Matalan

Cushion Next

Storage Baskets Made

Dried Bunny Tails Liv’s

Cardigan &Other Stories

Linen Blanket Firera Home

Cashmere Socks M&S

Candle Accessories Set Urban Apothecary London

Weighted Blanket Mela

Sting Lights Ginger Ray


1. Consider Your Palette

As we discussed in our introduction to Hygge, it's a good idea to stick to warm neutrals, and natural textures & materials, so if you are looking for some new seasonal pieces remember to choose items that will be in keeping with your overall scheme, and where possible bring in soft & comforting colours and textures.

2. Invest In Timeless Pieces

With the right care and careful storage, you can bring these pieces out year after year. Look for good quality cashmere for example, and read up on the best ways to maintain your cashmere, and always follow brand recommendations for getting the most out of your candles.

3. Support Independent Brands

This year I have found some gorgeous small brands, and with Hygge having so much to do with how we feel, it can't get much better than bringing in some new pieces while supporting an independent business at the same time? Check out Firera Home, Orchard Cheshire, Liv's, Charlotte Spencer and Hudson Home.

4. Continue to Streamline

Another key element to Scandinavian living is to live in a simpler, more streamlined environment so look at investing in some useful storage solutions, like these baskets which would fit under your bed. You could put your out of season clothes in there, or keep your summer bedding tucked away.


I thoroughly hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these products, who doesn’t love a homely vibe? Remember, however, Hygge is far more than decor; it’s about feeling good and that, of course, starts from within. So tonight, I’ll be grabbing a hot drink in my favourite mug and I recommend that you do the same. If anyone needs me at all, I’ll be curled up on the sofa in my

gorgeous new wool blend knit.

Thanks so much for reading

- Jess x

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