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My top tips to Hygge your home | A guide to this wellness trend

It’s been one heck of a year and for many of us, general wellbeing may have taken a hit. Days on end isolating at home can have an impact on health which is why it’s key to find joy wherever we can. I believe our homes play a big part in our sense of wellness, improving our mood whilst keeping us calm. Could the charming concept of Hygge, therefore, aid us

with this? Read on and let’s find out.

What is the concept of Hygge?

Pronounced ‘hue-gah’, Hygge was first developed in the 18th Century. An old Nordic term, it means to seek protection and can be very loosely translated as ‘cosy’. It’s also still practised today with the concept of Hygge, soaring dramatically over recent years. Essentially a modest lifestyle that embodies contentment, here’s how you can get more Hygge at home.

Hygge design tips for your home

Keep to a neutral palette

To live the Danish life, simplicity is needed to take pleasure in your immediate surroundings. So when it comes to colours they should be subdued and never too overwhelming. In terms of a palette, hues like warm browns and creams will work to harmonise your space. If you can’t resist a pop of colour, keep it muted - shades like dusky pink and inky blue work


Bring the outdoors in

Hygge decor is about being in nature and appreciating raw, warm texture. Organic materials like wood will also add interest as will faux fur, ceramics and wool.

Create a Hyggekrog; or a nook to you and me

If you’re craving a home that’s cosy and snug, a nook could be just the ticket. Known by the Danish as a ‘Hyggekrog’, it’s simply a nice place for you to unwind. Think string lights and candles around a window bench seat, an open fire and a drink to enjoy. This is your place to just be, nothing more, nothing less so make the time; I promise it’s worth it.

How to make your life more Hygge

Keep clutter to a minimum

With an Instagram hashtag of over 6 million followers, it’s safe to say we get can’t enough of Hygge. A big part of this concept, however, is a humble lifestyle and reducing belongings to create a minimalist home. You only need a small collection of things to do Hygge well so any unnecessary clutter is out. I recently wrote a blog post on this topic about bedroom styling and how less ‘things’ can help you sleep much better.

Escape inside a book

Oh, what a lovely place to be, inside a good book to take five out from the day. Make sure you always have something to read whatever your mood, I actually keep a stocked basket where I wind down.

Never deprive yourself

The one thing I love about Hygge is that it encourages us to banish fear or self-doubt for joy. So eat that pastry or cake, you only live once, homemade on a rainy day is even better.

Hygge for cosy, warm Happybeams

Need some additional advice with your Hygge decor? I’m putting together a Pinterest board as we speak! Look out for my cosy room tips for the chilly season ahead to create more Happybeams at home.

Thanks so much for reading.

- Jess x

All photos my own, taken by myself or @storiesbychloe.

Co-written with @hannahkingwritescopy

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