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Modern Rustic Home Decor | Everything You Need to Know

If you follow interior trends, there’s a new buzz word in town, and personally, I can’t get enough of Modern Rustic! A style that embraces modern yet picturesque charm with a warm, homely vibe, read on to learn more about this new home trend…

What is Modern Rustic home decor?

The secret to nailing Modern Rustic home decor is entwining both modern and rural elements in your room design. Lovers of this style should keep their colour palette simple with plenty of exposed natural architectural features - this is twenty-first-century living at its best.

Readers; meet Studio McGee…

A husband and wife duo, Studio McGee is one of the most well-known interior design firms of the moment. Since their launch in 2014, they’ve quickly become a household name and even have their own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover. Behind the magic are Syd and Shea McGee, and together they craft beautiful spaces that boast informal elegance and ‘Make Life Beautiful’. I’m in awe of them both and completely obsessed with this style - check out the King and Queen of Modern Rustic on Instagram; Studio McGee.

5 ways to create the Modern Rustic look:

Stick to a natural palette

If you’re worried neutral is boring, this is so far from the truth; subdued colours, as shown in this snug, are full of potential! They’re also easy to change and add warmth to a space; think shades like cream, white, navy and sage. A Modern Rustic interior also includes natural linens and rugs - the simpler, the better when it comes to fabric. Ask yourself, ‘does it look organic?’, and if your answer is yes, it will likely be a great addition.

Bring the outdoors inside

As this trend is all about merging modern living with comfort, nature plays a big part, and large windows are an important feature of the Modern Rustic home. The space should be open and light (check out this fabulous home), but if you live in the city, substitute outdoor greenery with lots of verdant house plants.

Include plenty of raw features like wood and stone

Natural materials like wood, stone and wicker are an important aspect, and without them, you’ll lose the Modern Rustic appeal. If you have an old home, preserve those original beams and show off that stone wall - it’s all about architectural detailing. If your home is more modern, the look will still work, and these materials will make a beautiful impact. Whether that’s rattan stools around a marble kitchen island or wood cabinetry with stone - nature’s welcoming tones are key to the vibe.

Go wild with modern furniture pieces

The name of the game with this trend is to have the warmth of a rustic dwelling as well as the ease and style of contemporary living. So keep some of your furniture modern and your finishes homely, and you’ll nail the Modern Rustic effect.

Finish the look with cosy textiles and art

Because the clean lines of modern furniture can sometimes feel harsh, it’s good to balance this with softer details like texture and plants. Adding a pop of greenery with foliage will create a welcoming feel, as will vases, artwork and rugs that contrast in colour - take a look at this stylish home office. For the perfecting finishing touch, a fireplace is also a must to tie Modern Rustic decor together. This style is all about being cosy, and there’s literally no better feeling than huddling up around a wood-burning stove.

Thank you for reading my post on Modern Rustic - a trend that promises both modern and comfortable living. What more could you possibly want from your decor?

If you need help with ‘the look’, please get in touch or check out my ready-made Pinterest board for inspiration!

Thanks again,

-Jess x

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