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Need Help Designing Your Home? This is for you...

Do you love Interiors? Are you following awesome interior Instagram accounts but can’t quite seem to make your ideas work in your own home? Are you about to start decorating a room, take on a renovation project or even build a home? If so, these virtual interior design workshops are perfect!

Myself and fellow Interior Designer & friend, Alice Maughan ran our first #MyHomeStyleSeries Interior Design workshops in 2019, at Liv’s in Solihull. We planned to run them again in person throughout 2020, back at Liv’s and also Jaspers of Hinckley but unfortunately only managed to hold one before lockdown.

Like every other event in 2020, we went virtual instead. After successful workshops in November, we’re back again in May to help you find your style and create a home you love. Keep reading to find out more about what we cover in each workshop, how you can book tickets and what people had to say who attended last year.

We have split these workshops into four different topics as we know some people need more or less support and guidance in each area. You can pick and choose which topics would be most helpful for you, or get the bundle of four and go through the entire design process with us - in the order we would tackle a project ourselves.

To kick off any design project, it’s a good idea to have a clear idea on your personal style & overall vision so in our first workshop we will:

  • show you how to identify the key characteristics of each interior style.

  • help you to create a cohesive scheme for your home.

  • enable you to recognise how different colours, furniture shapes and textures can all work together to define a style in your home.

  • teach you an efficient way to collate your ideas, which will then continue to inspire and guide your designs as you put them into practice.

  • share our top picks for where to shop for your personal style and who to follow for more inspiration.

Next up, it’s time to think about how you can make the most of your space & plan your layout like a pro, so in our second workshop we will:

  • teach you techniques to draw & create furniture layouts, and tips to think through how each space will be used.

  • talk through visual tricks to make a room feel larger or cosier, and different theories on creating functional and calming spaces.

  • explain the key design elements that will help make your room & home feel cohesive, balanced and pulled together.

  • discuss different lighting options & rug placement.

This is where you’ll start to see things coming together, so we’re talking about colours, textures and finishes in our third workshop, where we will:

  • help you to identify the different feelings and moods each colour can bring to your home through the theory of colour, colour psychology and our own personal experiences working with design clients & renovation projects.

  • teach you techniques to enable you to form a colour palette to suit your personal taste, interior style and lifestyle.

  • discuss the importance of samples, and ways to visualise your scheme, to guide you as you transform your home.

Some people might already feel very confident when it comes to styling their homes, but if you’d like some extra guidance, in our final workshop in the series we will:

  • teach you how to take your house from empty or over-cluttered to a beautifully styled home.

  • help you recognise key strategies to help organise your home.

  • learn how to style your home to create a home that is both interesting and restful.

  • share ways to style your home throughout the seasons including our top tips for dressing your dining table.



Each workshop will be at 8pm on Zoom, we will present for around 50mins leaving enough time for your questions at the end. Feel free to ask us about what we've covered during the workshop, or if you have any of your own design queries, we are very happy to answer those as well.


With each workshop you will receive a selection of discounts, specifically chosen to help you with that particular stage of your design project. You'll also receive a worksheet & handout for each workshop which you can print off or keep on a screen, and of course refer back to after the workshops.


Tickets are just £25 for each workshop, or if you’d like to join us for all four we have a special offer of 4 for £90 (you’ll find this ticket offer along with all other ticket details here).

Facebook Group

You will be invited to join our private Facebook group, so that after the workshops you can continue to stay in touch with everyone and ask any design queries you have. Alice & I will be in there to answer your questions, and of course you can help each other out too.

One thing we thought we'd miss from our in person workshops was the buzz & friendly atmosphere but it was still there online! We keep things fun and interactive on our Zoom calls, and we're sure you'll find so many like minded people who share your love of Interiors!


"I really enjoyed the three #MyHomeStyleSeries workshops that I attended and learnt a lot in a short space of time. It was lovely socialising with like minded people and Jess & Alice are nothing but friendly and welcoming.”

- Ella Russell

“Alice & Jess are knowledgeable and passionate and created a great atmosphere to learn more about different aspects of interior design. Little touches such as take home resources, refreshments and goody bags added to the overall experience. Alice and Jess were happy to answer different design queries and dilemmas, and provide advice with your own projects. I would definitely recommend the workshops to anyone with an interest in interiors.”

-Ally Forbes

"Great content, AMAZING hosts, and it was all done in a really relaxed way. Lovely way to spend the evening! All at a bargain price too! Workbook is also super useful!"

-Rachel Wallbridge

"I feel so much more confident in my interior style and how to implement it. I LOVE the tricks of the trade - I always felt like I was just winging it and sometimes it worked out well. But this proves there are formulas to follow. Also the confidence to buy those darker colours I love so much!"

-Eleanor Stones

So come join us and let us help to simplify and support you with your upcoming interior projects, or if you simply have a passion for Interior Design we’d love to see you there!


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch on Thanks so much for reading,

-Jess x

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