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Timeless vs Trendy Design | Is it Better to Stay Classic?

Is a new year renovation on the cards? How exciting! This is a great time to take a step back and consider your scheme.

Sure, it’s thrilling to scroll through the latest home trends, but how do you know if they’ll work?

Finding a balance is very often tricky. As an interior designer, although I value beautiful things, I would definitely place myself more towards the pragmatic end of the spectrum. So to create a more sustainable home, here are a few pointers to help find an equilibrium between trendy and timeless.

1. Ask those important questions

‘’Will you love it in three years time?’’ is a great question to ask, and if you’re not sure, it might be one to leave to the influencers.

Another is, ‘’Why do you like this particular trend?’’, and I’ll put my hands up here - I very much love Studio McGee, but I know that certain aspects won't work in my home.

Additionally, ‘’What do you love most about your home, and what do you dislike?’’ is also one that should avoid history repeating itself.

Once you’ve established these points, there’s no reason some trends can’t play a safe part in your overall scheme.

2. Get to know your personal style

There’s no pressure to determine your interior style overnight; it’s a learning process and one that should be carefully honed.

No one is born with good taste; it’s the thought process behind it and an understanding of what makes a room special.

Surrounding yourself with a tonne of inspiration can help a great deal, as long you’re not pinning terrazzo floors simply because they’re in fashion. The trick is to stick to your guns, whatever that is, for a scheme that’s mindful of your individual taste.


If you're in need of some help figuring out your personal style, along with my top tips for creating your own moodboard, you can download my free Moodboard Guide here.


3. But let go of the idea your tastes won’t change

Just like you change your hairstyle, your interior taste will evolve over time too. Because of this, I think it’s important to give yourself an adaptable backdrop that can be changed up, and a timeless palette can uphold a wide variety of styles.

4. Blend your favourite décor styles together

Blending your favourite interior design styles is a failsafe way to buck the trends once and for all. For instance, a traditional style basin with modern wall tiles is harder to date, and it will also look more unique (just make sure it works together on a moodboard first).

5. Make sure those ‘investment pieces’ will stand the test of time

Affordable and fun, fast homeware is a problem we simply can’t ignore. With every piece of trendy furniture bought, another is wasted, and short shelf-lives are only getting lower.

To avoid the inevitable fallout, we need to buy better; and timeless pieces can be a great way to establish your personal interior style. While a lot also depends on your taste, I always suggest long-lasting materials such as wood and a high-quality fabric.

So, is it better to stay classic?

Although there’s no right or wrong here, I know I don’t want to redecorate my home every year!

So to answer the burning question - is it better to stay classic? In the words of Krist Novoselic, "Don't follow a trend. Follow your heart."

Thanks so much for reading,

-Jess x

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