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How to Prepare a Guest Bedroom | 5 Warm and Inviting Tips

Preparing your home to welcome house guests is definitely a fun experience. There’s something truly rewarding about providing comfort even though right now it’s not a possibility.

In fact, it’s going to take a while longer before things fully return to normal but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to life after Covid. Because there’s no time like the present I’ve put together this post - here’s how to create a warm and inviting guest bedroom.

Keep the decor tasteful

When it comes to guest bedroom decor, you’ll want to ensure your visitors receive a warm welcome. So layer ambient lighting with rich wall colour and you’ll create a cocoon effect. Then there’s the fabulous extras that make it deluxe like a great smelling candle or a bunch of flowers. I also love this tissue box cover in a stylish ceramic for the perfect bedside finishing touch.

Invest in quality bedding

Nothing says ‘luxe’ like crisp white sheets and a pile of perfectly mismatched cushions. I especially love the waffle design from the Portofino collection which will add a touch of Italian elegance. Allow two pillows per person with an extra blanket so your guests can wrap up on cooler nights. Towels are equally key, the fluffier the better like these bestsellers from The White Company.

Create a beauty tray

Another one of my go-to tips for a guest bedroom is to create a beauty tray filled with goodies. It’s a luxury that won’t cost the earth but will make guests feel special and earn you extra brownie points. Team these gorgeous hand-made soaps with a shampoo bar and a vegan bamboo toothbrush for each guest. If you also like the idea of providing cotton buds, try this reusable version and you’ll even help to reduce single-use plastics further.

Help guests stay connected

If your home is connected to wi-fi leave guests your password with this super cute printed sign. Try to also provide a universal charger; you know what it’s like when you’re away for the weekend and can’t charge your phone!

Provide a refreshment station

Something your guests will enjoy but not totally expect is the addition of room refreshments. Things like water, fresh fruit, chocolates and biscuits will all add to the hotel experience. I actually have this carafe and tumbler set made from recycled glass which will look the part in any guest bedroom. So when your visitors are in for the night, you can be sure they’ll be kept hydrated!

If you want to be the perfect host, then last but not least, make sure to include plenty of visitor storage. Another nice touch would be also to provide slippers which will avoid the awkward no-shoes-upstairs discussion. By also thinking of what you would like from a room, you'll be well on your way to creating a space for your guests.

Please drop me a line if you need a second opinion, I'm always happy to chat room decor!

Thanks so much for reading,

-Jess x

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