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How to achieve a warm and welcoming Timeless Style interior

A green velvet armchair with ottoman, behind it is a painting of a woman.
Rosabel Tran Design

How do you choose a design style to bring into your home – especially when you’ve already got some great pieces and don’t want to start completely from scratch? Timeless style could be the home decor trend for you. It’s comforting and warm, plus you can still work with your favourite treasured items and quirky vintage finds!

The Timeless style falls somewhere between Traditional and Contemporary: combining the antique pieces and symmetry with a more laid back and modern colour scheme. It also acts well as a backdrop to inject your favourite elements from other designs, such as Industrial Loft.

This style brings in so many familiar elements that it will evoke a warming, calming feeling. That comfort is one of the reasons I love this style so much.

Another reason I’m a fan of Timeless style is that, as the name suggests, it doesn’t date the same way as other trends. When you design in one style and stick to it solidly it can act as a bit of a time stamp on your home. For example, when you see a grey kitchen you can bet the design was done in the mid-noughties. Ditto the avocado bathroom suite that screams 1970s.

The difference with Timeless style is the true blend of design elements. This means you will often express your true personal style, rather than emulating a Pinterest board or magazine shoot. Ultimately, that’s what I want you to strive for: your true style should make your home a place you genuinely love and feel comfortable living in.

This blend also means you don’t have to cull everything you own just to create a Timeless style design. If you’re ready to get started, keep reading for the five ways you can bring this design trend into your home.

5 ways to create Timeless style in your home

An alcove in a bedroom, to the right a bed with white linen. There is an antique bedside table and an arched alcove with half the wall painted in muted blue tones.
Dear Designer Townhouse

Keep your colour palettes muted

Where Traditional style is all about rich colours, Timeless design leans much more heavily into the more neutral tones we see in Contemporary homes. However, these colours should have a muted undertone to truly hit the style brief.

I recommend keeping the bulk of your colours neutral, with some muted accents through your accessories or even your paint colour. For these, think again of warmer tones like a terracotta or deep green.

Farrow and Ball are one of my favourite places to find colours that fit in with Timeless style. My picks to create a beautiful Timeless interior: Green Smoke, London Clay and Skimming Stone.

A view through a doorway into a lounge. On the right, before the doorway, is an antique wooden side table with lamps and flowers. Through the doorway is a lounge and beyond that a black fireplace with a fire burning.
The Fresh Home

Prioritise classic, quality furniture

Timeless style allows you to blend antique and new pieces in really interesting ways; the trick is to make sure any modern pieces have simple, classic styling. The key is to hunt out the same quality craftsmanship you’re likely to find in classic antique pieces.

For living room inspiration, take a look at these elegant lounges from Love Your Home and This House Nine ottoman is a simple accompaniment to existing pieces, while Loaf's delightfully-named Squishbag armchair is a comfy yet stylish addition to any room.

For a Timeless bedroom style, take inspiration from this Feather&Black bed featuring weathered oak and 100% natural linen.

A white covered sofa with large plump pillows. To the right is an antique side table with a large vase and green leafy plant. Above the sofa is a picture rail with framed artwork.
Our Travel Home Lounge

Blend in quirky antique pieces

Speaking of antiques, you should start hunting for some once you’ve sorted your modern statement pieces. The beauty of ‘antique’ is it encompasses so many design styles and timeframes that you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

You also don’t have to spend a fortune! Get familiar with Facebook Marketplace, charity shops and car boot sales: you never know what gems you’ll find on there which will still look amazing in 50 years’ time.

I’m a big fan of looking for smaller antique items, or things that add to the ‘lived in’ feel of a home. For example, framed artwork or maps, ornaments, lamps, rugs, or a leather armchair.

A doorway into a small nook with a bench seat with cushions. Inside the nook is a framed black and white image of a dog and shelves with ornaments.
Wild Flower Home Blog

Don’t be afraid to DIY

If you’re not afraid of some DIY, you could also look at sanding back and re-staining or painting solid wood pieces to help them blend into your home style seamlessly. You can also have a lot of fun trying the DIY patina trend.

Patina refers to the weathering, corrosion or scratches which develop on some items as they age. In some cases, it’s used exclusively when referring to metals like copper, silver or bronze. Whether metal or weathered wood, patina adds to the pre-loved and well-worn aesthetic of many antique and vintage pieces.

If you’re feeling creative, why not try painting patina on an old piece of furniture. Or you can experiment with this patina vase trend before branching out into some bigger pieces.

A kitchen with dark blue benches, above the benches are framed artworks and nicknacks.
Dear Designer Townhouse

Finish with natural textures

To finish off your Timeless interior, look for natural fabrics and finishes. Think: linen, silk, wool, jute. You can even bring in some mud cloth pillows. Anything that’s handmade will fit nicely and age well here.

You could also think bigger with interesting textures and have fun with a statement piece, like a velvet armchair, a worn leather ottoman or a distressed vintage rug.

A bed with plump linen cushions. In the background, a bedside table with white flowers.
A bed with soft white linen. To the left, a cane bedside table with flowers in a vase, a candle and a lamp.
Harlowe James

Let your true style shine

When design styles have rigid boundaries, it’s easy to stray and end up with furniture or fittings that feel a little out of place. But I hope you can see the beauty of Timeless style is that you can search for very classic pieces and hit the trend with muted tones and considered textures.

It also allows you to bring out those sentimental pieces and incorporate them into your design (like grandpa’s Remington typewriter or a vintage map of somewhere you used to live). While you can of course use these items in any design, they’ll feel most at home with this type of styling.

You can also indulge your creative, bargain-hunting side with Timeless style, without worrying about it throwing out your entire design.

If you want some suggestions on how to start designing your Timeless home, take a look at my FREE Moodboard Guide!

Thanks again,

-Jess x

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